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well gosh, that was fun.

oh man.

call me. now.

things just got really, really bad. i'm sorry i ever bothered you. i don't know what to think, or feel, or say, or do. i really, really need to cry. i really, really need to die.
i did love you. i did. i love you. why is this happening?
you want a barbie,
i want a ken.
i want anything but what i'm holding--
her penis, her heart in my hand.
you want this barbie
why do i care?
i don't care about this, about you,
about what you want.
why am i doing this?
writing prose about a boy
a boy who cares.
why would i ever care
about a nice little boy?
you need a barbie
like i need a sock in the gut
so i'll just sit here
and play with my barbies--
barbie, skipper, kelly.
you'd fuck them all.
just let me play.

i'm so sorry. shut up, emily. goodbye. this is the end of this live journal. i can't do this anymore. i love you all. you will never see this. you'll never even know when i'm gone. i love you.

as if i would abandon this live journal.
oh man. when will this stop? i don't love you. i never did. you can go fall in a hole. because i'm okay.
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