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she liked the color purple. she had a cat. she was addicted to sex. she wrote some words. she was afraid of food. she was scared, she was sacred.
this girl that we are talking about, madge, was liked by some and hated by others. she was not loved by many. she had not felt the love she wanted for many months. when she had felt that love, it had been a time. what a time. there was a boy (she played with a toy). this boy will remain nameless, and faceless, and we will actually pretend he never existed after i tell you what happened. he plays a part in madge’s life, but is unimportant to the world. the world does not need this boy. there is no god for him.
madge – remember? the girl we were talking about. – didn’t want this boy at all before he was hers. she took advantage of him. he saw her sitting there, on a ledge, in a park, in a city, on a rock. he soon learned her name and four things about her: she liked the color purple, she had a cat, she was addicted to sex, and she wrote some words. he already knew that she was scared, that she was sacred. they had conversations. their conversations lasted a long time. they spoke of movies and music, of politics and books, and they talked about religion. she was sure that things that went wrong in her life were due to god punishing her for lack of faith. he believed that she was a heathen.
she wanted to please. and so she said yes.
the following days reminded her of a piercing. it came in quick, came out soon after, and hurt for a long time afterwards.
it lasted for about two months. in that time, feelings were felt and their hearts ejaculated.
and then, the end. le sigh.
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